A Game Like No Other

Dotsu is a new match-3 game for iOS, featuring a flat and stylish design. With vibrant dots set against a dark background, it offers an immersive visual experience, enhanced by a modern, jazzy soundtrack.

The graphics may be simplistic, but the explosive combos and chain reactions they enable are nothing short of epic. This unique style, refined over months of careful design, is something I'm truly proud of.

My name is Tomasz Wilczyński, and I have been making puzzle games for ten years. The last three I spent creating Dotsu, my top achievement in game design.

Status Quo

Most successful match-3 games hinge on the same mechanics that Candy Crush Saga popularized a decade ago. These foundational concepts include swapping adjacent elements and incorporating a gravity element where new items descend from above. This simplicity has been replicated countless times, offering a certain level of strategic planning. However, this simplicity is a double-edged sword. While it allows for some tactics, the element of randomness often overshadows strategy, limiting the depth of gameplay to identifying the best move in the moment, time and again.

In an effort to innovate and boost player engagement, many modern match-3 games embed meta-games within their structure. Players often find themselves managing characters who tend to houses or gardens, creating an expansive 3D world where the match-3 aspect is merely a facet of a larger experience.

Core Innovation

Dotsu revolutionizes the match-3 genre with its novel game mechanics:
- The primary action is drag-and-drop, allowing for dynamic item swapping.
- Absence of gravity - players can anticipate where new items will appear.

While slightly more complex, Dotsu elevates the level of strategic planning far beyond traditional match-3 games. You're empowered to think several moves ahead, crafting unique tactics without being overly reliant on random elements. Instead, you can harness these elements to your advantage. The game offers multiple tactics to conquer levels without enforcing a specific approach.

Special Dots

Dotsu introduces a unique set of rules for creating special dots:
- A line of 4 creates a "Liner" dot.
- A line of 5 generates a "Blaster" dot.
- Intersecting lines produce a "Pulser" dot.
- A square formation forms a "Shuriken" dot.

The strategic creation and utilization of these special dots are crucial in Dotsu. They function like regular dots, but when removed, they activate unique, spectacular behaviors. The special dots can interact and trigger each other, resulting in visually stunning chain reactions.

No Ads

Dotsu is completely ad-free. My philosophy is that players seek games for relaxation, not frustration. My experience in the mobile gaming industry has shown me that ads, while profitable in the short term, often detract from the gaming experience.

I prefer to cultivate long-term player engagement, with microtransactions as a sustainable revenue model. This approach monetizes patience, not frustration. Players dedicated enough can progress without purchases, thanks to Dotsu's fair reward system. I've strived to create a balanced environment that steers clear of pay-to-win scenarios, and I sincerely hope I've achieved fairness for all players.

Keep Them Coming

The strength of Dotsu's core design lies in its simplicity. All it needed for perfection was a bunch of interacting features that can be triggered by colorful dots in many different ways

As a level-based game, Dotsu heavily relies on fresh content. Continuously innovating and introducing new features is key to retaining player interest. Every new feature adds up into the game's complexity. Fortunately, designing intricate systems is my passion.

I'm excited about the dozens of new features I have planned for the game, and I can't wait to bring them to life. I'm prepared to add hundreds, maybe even thousands of levels, scaling up the game significantly if it gains proper recognition.

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Minimal art, maximun fun

The design of Dotsu is a thing of beauty. Everything is simple & flat, no distractions. The default dark theme is easy on the eyes, and sophisticated special effects will satisfy even the most demanding players.

Hundreds of levels

The game contains dozens of interacting elements and features. It will launch with a few hundred levels and lots of side challenges. In the following months, you can expect regular updates with new challenges!

Made with love

As cliché as it sounds, Dotsu is a project of my life ❤ I have gained years of experience making mobile games, and now I am putting all my effort into making Dotsu. It has been my full-time job for years!