• My name is Tomasz Wilczyński

    I'm a game programmer and designer. I've been creating mobile games since 2012.

    My career began with a role as a Java developer where I spent almost 10 years. After gaining experience in a corporate setting, I ventured out to start my own indie game studio with a friend. This move was driven by a desire for a more creative line of work, and game development seemed like the ideal path.

    During my time at Gamepocket Studio, which evolved into Gamezaur, I developed numerous puzzle games for mobile platforms. These games achieved over 5 million downloads. Initially, I was inclined towards premium games, but I soon recognized the popularity and potential of free-to-play mobile games. This led me to specialize in 2D match-3 puzzles, where I found significant success.

    Eventually, my journey with Gamezaur came to a natural conclusion. But I was clear about my next step: leveraging my extensive experience in match-3 games into a larger, more modern project. I wanted to build something fresh and enduring.

    So, I embarked on creating a new match-3 game from scratch, aiming to blend all my previous experiences and insights into this project. This endeavor led to the creation of Dotsu, a game I hope will be a lasting hit in the gaming world.

    I'm someone who immerses fully in whatever project I undertake. Currently, my focus is on Dotsu, but here's a look at what I've accomplished over the past years.

  • Balls


  • Balls was meant to be a quick project, but of course it got bigger like they always do. The result was an excellent endless score beater.

  • Shapecraft


  • Shapecraft is a premium 2D puzzle where the only way to beat levels is to arrange the blocks in a specific way. The visuals of this game are really top-notch. Shapecraft puts you in a peaceful place with atmospheric music and gentle particle effects. I enjoyed working on it a lot, especially since premium games don't have ads that are always a pain to work with.

  • Ten Buttons


  • Ten Buttons is another endless puzzler I co-created during my work in Gamezaur. The sewing theme, the music and special effects were fantastic. The gameplay was great, too. I think that it had the potential to beat Rings, and in many terms, it really was a better game. However, it didn't perform very well, which was a big regret for me.

  • Perspecto


  • Perspecto was my first big project in Unity3d. Inspired by Monument Valley, I tried to create a puzzle where skipping between 2D and 3D dimensions would be the main mechanics. Perspecto generated overwhelming results at launch and a grand reception, including the Game Of the Day featuring and big AppStore banners all over the world. It is the most successful premium game I created so far.

  • Rings.


  • Rings is an endless score beater where your only goal is to put rings in the free spots as long as you can. It was released by Gamezaur in a raw, almost prototype-like version, but it gained so much attention we rewrote it from scratch and added more appealing visuals to it. Rings received "Game Of The Day and many other featurings in the AppStore.

  • 3 Cubes


  • 3 Cubes is the last descendant of Jewel Galaxy. The idea was to keep the design simple but not as hardcore as Dotello. The game was well executed, and it had a surprisingly strong financial result. Well deserved bronze medal for 3 Cubes!

  • 3 Cubes: Endless


  • 3 Cubes: Endless is a variation of 3 Cubes where the moves weren't limited, and there was no progression through levels.

  • Dotello


  • Dotello is my most significant match-3 game released to this day. The theme of the game was flat - just colorful dots on a white screen. The simplicity of the design was not easy to implement, and it took many months to polish the theme to perfection. But it paid off! Dotello gained fantastic reviews and a lot of featurings, including the USA. Although it was a big success, it had some fundamental monetization flaws that couldn't be fixed once the game was live. Dotello was an inspiration for Dotsu, so it has a special place in my heart..

  • Dotello: Endless


  • Dotello: Endless is a variation of Dotello where the moves weren't limited, and there was no progression through levels. At the time, the infinite score beaters got a lot of traction, so it felt right to release such a twist to our big hit.

  • Dotello: Slide


  • Dotello: Slide is an offspring project of Dotello, where rules of the gameplay changed significantly. Instead of building the puzzle on a static level, the board was sliding down with every move. It was a pretty neat twist, and the players of Dotello really liked it.

  • Tiny Hoglets


  • Tiny Hoglets was an attempt to make a "cute" match-3 game. We introduced a little hedgehog that was the main character, but I guess it wasn't cute enough - the game did not repeat the success of Jewel Galaxy. Back in the day, the AppStore was over-saturated with "sweet" match-3 games, so I think it had no chance in the first place.

  • Jewel Galaxy


  • Jewel Galaxy was my first match-3 game, created back when we were called Gamepocket Studio. The innovative gameplay with lots of exploding particles was a fantastic theme. French publisher Bulkypix released the game, and it was quite a bit of success. It had a lot of featurings in the Apple AppStore, including the big banner in the USA.

  • Kick the Brick


  • My first game, still functional in 2020. It was a level-based, premium puzzler based on classic sokoban. The  goal was to get to the exit by pushing the bricks and solving the puzzles. I am very proud of this game, even though it wasn't a big success.